CrossFit is designed to do more work over less time using a wide variety of movements; which improves your overall fitness, health and well-being.

Unlike other gyms, every day our CrossFit classes change to make sure your body gets the most out of your workout and guaranteeing you never get bored.

Our CrossFit classes are limited to 14 people to ensure you get one-on-one attention just like a personal training session but without the cost.

CrossFit Volentia prides itself on the friendly, approachable space we’ve created for people to enjoy a workout, we think it’s what makes us unique.


FREE CrossFit Taster Exercise Class

Crossfit Volentia Coaching

Every 3 weeks we run a FREE taster class!

If you like it, you’ll then go onto our induction programme with other new starters. You’ll learn the basic movements and techniques – it’s just like doing a class.


Introducing the WOD!

A typical class will include a warm up, technique work and the ‘workout of the day’ – WOD for short!

There’s plenty of choice, with 3-4 classes a day up to 5 days a week. Our core focus is on programming the classes to ensure you get plenty of variety in your workout.


Crossfit Volentia Class

Why is CrossFit so good?

It’s a highly effective strength & conditioning programme taught by our very experienced, dedicated coaches.

CrossFit is for complete beginners brand new to exercise right through to high performing athletes, whether you’re a team player or prefer to work out alone. You work at your pace and level and we help you every step of the way.

Your body gets challenged in a way that prepares you mentally and physically for what life throws your way!

We use a combination of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastic strength training alongside traditional cardio exercises such as running, skipping and rowing in a timed manner.

Our fitness methods keep you flexible and sharpen your focus, along with strengthening your body.


Variety is important. The CrossFit ethos focusses on variety to prepare you for everyday life movements and more, 10 core areas of our fitness include:

Functional movements are key. CrossFit develops skills in physical tasks.

Our functional movements include basic gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, skipping, plyometrics, kettlebells, agility drills and moving odd objects such as prowlers and tyres! It’s a lot of fun!

High intensity gives you power. You’ll do more work over less time.

For us it’s not about how out of breath you get or how red your face gets, it’s about power. Functional movements use multiple joints that require the coordination of several muscle groups. In short using several big muscles at the same time for maximum efficiency.


If you find the competition bug biting, there are plenty of opportunities at CrossFit Volentia and other organised events.

We’ll keep you up-to-date via our website, social media and in the Box, just ask Matty – our resident competition king!


Crossfit Volentia Competitions