Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Our motto ‘Ubi Volentia Ibi Via’ quite literally translates to that.

Welcome. We make it our mission to make you feel at home, from the moment you enter CrossFit Volentia.

Our members recognise we go the extra mile to help their life balance, and in return they help us keep our classes running on time.

Time is precious. Our members lead busy lives; time for you and your exercise must work with you not against you. It’s why…

  • We open 7 days a week
  • From 6.30am to 9pm most days
  • Up to 5 classes a day, 3-4 are CrossFit
  • We believe variety is so important to keep you wanting to come back time and time again.

Our expert coaches are here for you

Quality & variety is paramount. We keep our coaching team up-to-date with all the latest tips and techniques from around the world.

And, we offer more than just CrossFit, with professional advice on Nutrition and Mindset coaching as well as other classes such as Gymnastics and Barbell Club and Personal Training.

Crossfit Volentia Memebers

We give you the best training environment.

PWR Stones

Our brand new Raze PWR stones – similar to what they use on the World’s Strongest Man - complement our existing range of powerlifting and Raze bumper plates, alongside Hex dumbbells; satisfying all types of strength training.

Load up the Prowler and push it along our 16-metre track or try out our pegboard, rings and parallettes gymnastic kit. Our solid oak competition platform and jerk blocks cater specifically for Olympic weightlifters. And, we have a plenty of competition and traditional style kettlebells to suit all weights.

There’s plenty more to choose from too.

Like-minded people

Friendships blossom in our Box. Ok, so we haven’t had a Volentia bride & groom yet; but we remain hopeful!

But seriously, we find that for whatever reason people join us, the common thread between our members is that they want be the best version of themselves - mind, body and mojo! Our gym is like a warm open family – everyone’s welcome through our door, and we’re all here to help each other.

Crossfit Volentia Memebers in red