Our coaching team have a wealth of experience and qualifications between them; ensuring you get the best of the best.

We believe that personality counts for a lot, so our hand-picked team are not just great at teaching fitness they’re great to be around too.

Nicola Tunstall, founding partner

I’m currently our only female coach, so I like to keep the boys in check!  With a very LOW boredom threshold I find CrossFit not only fun but I never get bored.

I love to see people progressing, nurturing is in my nature. I’ve been teaching Olympic weightlifting for several years. As well as being a British Weightlifting Club coach, I’m a personal trainer & functional therapist.

I’ve a passion for duration cycling; completing the gruelling L’Etape Du Tour 3 times, along with the 205km Quebrantaheusos through the Spanish & French Pyrenees in a day! 

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Nicola Tunstall

sydney Sidney says:"Nicola doesn't give me nearly enough treats"
Members say "Nicola’s warm welcome on day one made me feel instantly at ease, making me feel like part of the family"

Nick Smith, founding partner

As well as CrossFit & being a personal trainer I play rugby for Nuneaton RFC, have dabbled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I love coaching people be it in a class, a personal training session or my strength & conditioning work with Lichfield ladies RFC. I supported the All Schools Programme by coaching local schools with the RFU.

I’m definitely a fitness geek and love understanding the programing & planning side.  In my spare time you’ll find me walking or wrestling my dog Sidney, who loves to chew my ears!

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Nick Smith

sydney Sidney says:"Nick is my master, where he goes I go!"
Members say "Nick is incredibly helpful and generous with his time and knowledge – I always learn something new from him"

Matty Lee, Coach & Competition Manager

After travelling & living in Asia & Australia I returned wanting to change my lifestyle.  Whilst I’d always been sporty, I was unhealthy too!  

CrossFit Volentia suited me straightaway – the people, the exercise, the variety, the challenge. Now I am the proud person I have become and hope my experience can positively impact others.

As well as a coach I’m a trained sports massage therapist, and have my own clothing line – Beyond the Box – for those that what to do and be more.  The Goal? A life without limits!

My passion and drive to help others never waivers, it’s what I enjoy and what I want to do  for a very long time! 

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Matty Lee

sydney Sidney says:"Matty won’t let me compete but everyone else can …it’s a dogs life!"
Members say "Matty’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious – he is absolutely great to be around!"

Sam Pashley, Coach

A self-confessed health & fitness geek for all things exercise, nutrition & mindset.  

I believe that health & fitness revolves around movement, strength, endurance, improved lifestyle choices, nutrition, enjoyment all underlined with a happy mind.  

My training includes heavy weights to bodyweight, Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics, kettlebells to yoga and everything else that promotes improved movement and varying intensities.

Progressing my own health and lifestyle in this way has given me a deep understanding, and now I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge & experience to anyone willing to come along for the ride – be that in exercise, nutrition or improving your mindset.

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Sam Pashley

sydney Sidney says:"Sam is the best person to chill out with"
Members say "Sam really cares about people, his approach to fitness and overall lifestyle has helped me on so many levels!"

Tom Kendall (also known as TK), Coach

I was hooked on fitness & sport at an early age, with martial arts & Rugby XV being my passion.  Whilst studying Sport & Exercise Science at Uni I became a personal trainer and gym instructor Now, along with coaching CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting I teach Maths and PE at a local secondary school. 

Historically strength training for me was all about bodybuilding, so I when I found CrossFit I hit the jackpot – it had all the fitness elements I wanted and it was way more fun and varied!  I compete at the New Masters category of 35-39.  

I view every member as an athlete, and am inspired when I see people progressing – it’s a great feeling for me and them!  I’m studying the Strength Education Coaches program so I can empower every athlete on their journey.

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Tom Kendall (also known as TK)

sydney Sidney says:"Tom gets me to count out my treats…woof, woof woof, woof woof woof…"
Members say "Tom’s patience is legendary he really knows how to guide someone through the moves"

Dawid Esterhuizen, Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I found my passion in Olympic Weightlifting later in life, when I started CrossFit at CrossFit Volentia.  Joining their Barbell club with the support of the coaches, I was inspired to compete in Olympic Weightlifting at the regional open level. 

I was fascinated by the sport and started studying lifting and lifters in detail which lead me to get my British Weightlifting Level 1 & 2 Coach qualifications. 

I have been training under Coach Marius Hardiman from Oxford Power Sport, which exposed me to high level of coaching, where good technique and mobility leads to big lifts.

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Dawid Esterhuizen

sydney Sidney says:"Dawid always makes the most noise dropping his bar with all those weights"
Members say "Dawid takes the time to get to know each member. He makes everyone feel welcome and offers huge amounts of support and advice. "