Olympic weightlifting in Rugby, Warwickshire

Weightlifting - also known as Olympic weightlifting or Oly lifting - is when an athlete attempts a single lift of a barbell laden with weight plates.

The two competition lifts are ‘clean & jerk’ and the ‘snatch’, we’ll also teach you variations of these, and support experienced lifters with their progress.

We are a Licensed British Weightlifting Club, and are proud to have two Club Coaches, our Licenced Club Coach Dawid Estherhuizen and Nicola Tunstall our founding partner.

Barbell Classes in Rugby, Warwickshire

You can further improve your Olympic weightlifting performance by booking onto our specialist Barbell Classes.


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Olympic weightlifting competitions

No matter how light or heavy your Olympic weightlifting is, there’s a category for you to have a go at.

Keep up-to- date with all the latest competitions on our competition page.