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Nutrition to support your training

Posted on February 5th, 2018 by Crossfit Volentia Coaches

This is going to be a pretty short blog…

I’m going to give you some pretty strict guidelines, rules if you will. Most of us don’t like rules much, but actually in life if we want to do something well and have success with it, there are always rules to follow. Thankfully, there aren’t many with nutrition, and the biggies are pretty simple. 

If you want to see major results from your training, you will need to back it up with good and consistent nutrition. This combined with regular doses of good quality sleep and recovery will see you reaching your goals more effectively. 
Nutritional basics
'A diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar brings a jet stream of adaptation’ says CrossFit founder Greg Glassman
This is a simple and easy to understand statement. 
If we eat poorly, our bodies will reflect this. You literally are what you eat. 


With this in mind here are 4 easy rules to follow which will get you started:
  1. Don’t eat sugar. Sugar is sugar is sugar. You can call it what you like, honey, coconut sugar, agave, brown sugar, white sugar…it’s SUGAR.  Yes you like to eat it, yes it tastes pretty good but if you eat this you’re just hijacking your nutrition plan.
  2. Don’t eat foods where you can’t identify the ingredients and whenever possible cook from scratch. If you’re reading the label and it’s looking like something from a chemistry lesson, put it right back on the shelves where it belongs!
  3. Earn your carbs. If you’ve trained hard you’ll need to replenish. Choose your carbs sensibly though, 200 calories from a bar of chocolate will effect your body differently to 200 calories of rice. Follow rules 1 and 2, it’s simple.
  4. Eat regular meals. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not. Calories are important, you need enough but not too many. If you eat more than your body needs you’ll gain weight, less and you’ll loose weight. Depending on your goals choose what’s right for you.
Following these 4 simple rules will set you on the right path to developing good eating habits and good eating habits are what you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle.