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Introducing Coach Matty and Gymnastics

Posted on May 12th, 2020 in Coaches, Training

Meet Matty, our Competition Manager and CrossFit coach.

Matty’s background is martial arts and endurance sports but he now specialises in CrossFit. Gymnastics is one of his main focuses and he works alongside our members in classes and in 1:1 sessions to help to build their skill, strength and confidence in body weight movements.

A key part of CrossFit movements, gymnastics skills require a lot of patience and resilience but our structured programming helps to build these skills and the confidence to progress them. We work on flexibility in the muscles and mobility in the joints to ensure members can safely get into the positions required of them.




“My favourite gymnastics movement is probably the ring muscle up as it requires a mix of strength, skill, mobility, precision timing and more!”.


Matty says “If you’re just starting out with gymnastics try floor based movements first. Things like push ups, planks, hollow holds and headstands are a great place to start!”.


Want to work on your headstand? Matty shares his starter tips here:

1. Start off by creating a triangle with your head and hands.

2. Practice kicking up to the wall first.

3. Slowly bring your feet away from the wall one at a time to start practicing how to find balance. 

4. Use your hands to push on the floor if you feel yourself falling. 

5. Only take yourself away from the wall when you’re comfortable with 1-4. 

Have fun!


Matty is a personal trainer and also a trained sports massage therapist. You can follow him on insta @crossfit.volentia and @coach_matty_cf